Competitive Increased Heights Gymnastics Teams

The IHG competitive teams are made up of gymnasts that have acquired the IHG set of skills for the competitive level for which they will compete. These teams require an increased time commitment and have higher associated costs.

Higher costs are due to the increased amount of gymnastics instruction required, the purchase of team apparel, attendance to gymnastics competitions, and optional camps, etc. A breakdown of this can be found under the team information section.

These teams are invitation only. Gymnasts and parents choosing to participate on these teams must sign and abide by the IHG competitive teams contract. Registration for an IHG Competitive Team is for one year. The year begins with the Summer Semester and continues through the Spring Semester.

Invitations are sent to athletes at the end of each semester via an email invitation.  If you are currently enrolled in either the recreational or the competitive program these invitations are sent only at the end of each semester.